Sunday, February 19, 2017

Project 365 Week 7

It was a fun and busy week this past week.  On Tuesday we hosted our homeschool co-op's St. Valentine's Day party.  The days leading up to the party were a flurry of Valentine making, and party itself was a lot of fun.  The excitement of the preparations and then the party itself definitely wiped the kids out.  It took them a couple of days to recover from all the activity.

Zélie started saying "up".  It is often accompanied by her hands up, and she nearly always whispers it.
Atticus has figured out exactly how to make Zélie laugh--just play peekaboo!  Here he is hiding in his tunnel and she is absolutely delighted with this rendition of the game.

After the Valentine's party, this very sleepy, napless girl was incredibly wired.  She sat at the end of the slide banging Duplos for about 25 minutes before she finally wound down enough to nap.

I can't help but grab my camera when Liliana is standing still in beautiful light. 
Zélie plopped herself down in this gorgeous light for all of 10 seconds.  I got this shot and then she crawled away.  I am so glad I got my settings where I wanted them quickly enough.

Two seconds before this was taken, Atticus had a gigantic pout on his face because he felt like nobody wanted to play with him; this is the split second after Ish and Lily invited him to join them in their game.

Lily needed to go to the library dressed as Lilly from Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse by Kevin Henkes.  There are even 3 shiny quarter's in her purse. 

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Project 365 Week 6

It has been a bit of a turbulent week here.  I started off the week battling what the lactation consultant believed was the beginning of mastitis.  I did manage to keep it from completely sidelining me, but it certainly turned my Project 365 into a chore instead of a delight on Monday and Tuesday.

We experienced both a 70 degree day and snow this week.  The kids were delighted by both.

Zélie has really started to play in the past month or so.  One of her favorite games is peekaboo.  
This girl is teething like crazy; this is the look she gave me when I told her that it wasn't okay to chew on library books. 

Zélie spent a good 20 minutes playing with a bucket.  She really liked yelling into it and chewing on the handle.
Liliana has been really into the book Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse by Kevin Henkes.  She has been working on creating her own Lilly costume.  The one thing she was missing was a glasses chain.  She decided to spend a little of her own money to purchase the rainbow glasses chain she is wearing here.  She was so pleased with her purchase and has spent hours pretending to be Lilly the mouse.
This little guy was so excited for snow!  We didn't get the large storm predicted, but it was enough for Atticus to sweep the snow around the yard with a broom.
This girl is normally a momma's girl through and through, but she was so delighted to see Ish's car pull into the driveway on Friday afternoon.
Little Ish isn't always super excited to have the camera on just him, so I am always delighted when I am able to capture a photo of him where he isn't making grumpy faces at me.  Ask him to be in a photo with Zélie, mind you, and he is all smiles.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Project 365 Week 5

This past week concurrently flew and crawled.  I am still managing and enjoying picking up my camera each day.  I find myself looking at light differently. I am not as afraid to experiment with ideas on how to use light because I know that I will be picking up my camera again the next day.  I am also not as afraid to take a photo in terrible light and work with it in post-processing so it transforms into a better photo.  So far, I think this project is good for me.

On Sunday, we welcomed my nephew Cillian into the Church. 
Atticus is tying up this Lego dragon
This is what happens when I ask Atticus to smile; this is why I generally don't ask my children to smile for the camera.

Lily was really upset because I asked Little Ish to set Atticus up with an episode of Little Bear instead of her.  As she was crying I noticed how beautifully the light was falling on her tears.  I told her that the light she was standing in made her tears look like sparkling diamonds.  She immediately stopped crying and asked me to take her photo so she could see. 

This photo was a total experiment.  I decided to shoot into the noontime window light to see what I could capture.  Lily was so enthralled with the book that she was reading that I was able to play with the light for several minutes.
Zélie is working on 2 more teeth right now and it has made her so drooly and marginally miserable. 
Yesterday was incredibly busy.  I am glad that I remembered to pick up my camera at all.  Here is Zélie all bundled up to go to the library.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Project 365 Week 4

It's been an interesting week here.  We have had toddler induced bathroom floods, an exploding pen, and a few other crazy moments.  Grabbing my camera each day has allowed me to step back, slow down, and in turn become more present.  I did not realize at the beginning of the month how much of a happiness boost this project could provide.

One of the most difficult parts of this project has been choosing a photo each day.  You get to see 7 of my photos from each week; I take far more.  This week I took 361 photos; culling is hard work.

Atticus received Picasso Tiles for his birthday this year.  They are easily the most played with toy in the house.  He especially loves to play with them during read aloud time. 
Holy eyelashes Batman!  I saw the light on her lashes and couldn't resist the photo op.
Little Ish is extremely possessive of his pirate playset.  He surprised Atticus this week by inviting him to play pirates with him.  Atticus was so thrilled by all the fun and attention.

Atticus was using his climbing structure as a lookout.  I have no clue what he was expecting to see on the ceiling, but it was sure fun to watch him deeply immersed in pretend play.

Little Ish found a few rogue Monopoly railroad cards in a board game we were playing.  He was fascinated by the cards and he used them to create all sorts of math problems and imagination games.

This girl has had a hard week of teething and a runny nose.  There have been lots of tears and lots of cuddles.
Here is Atticus checking out his new haircut.  He was quite pleased. 

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Project 365 Week 3

I was completely not feeling it creativity wise this week,  I think a lot of it had to di with the mostly dismal, dreary weather.  I did pick up my camera each day, but I definitely struggled a few days.  It does help that the kids seem to want me to take their photo more often.  There were a few times during the week when they asked me to get mt camera out.

Little Miss Zélie has been making a break for the stairs every chance she gets.  I follow her to the top several times per day.  If nothing else, she is taking a longer nap.

I love watching this little lady explore her environment.  She is so curious and loves checking everything out.

Atticus is working on stair climbing too...

Atticus came down the stairs and asked me to take a photo of him dressed up as a monster (yes, that is a Philly Phanatic hat)

Atticus rested his head in pretty light and asked me to take his photo.

Zélie said "train" this week.

Little Ish loves playing board games with Ish, and this was a perfect way for them to spend some quality time together on Saturday morning.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Project 365 Week 2

As I mentioned last week, I am in the midst of attempting my first photography project 365.  So far so good.  I have managed to pick up my camera every day this past week.  Here are my results.

Look who is standing by herself! Zélie started standing up on her own and is incredibly proud of herself.

I just love the relationship Little Ish and Zélie have.  He is so incredibly sweet with her and she just soaks up all the love and attention.


Zélie was happily enjoying frozen blueberries, the only food she consistently demands more ("mo!") of, and then she bit her finger a split second before I hit the shutter release on my camera.

This was a tragic day in the history of my Canon 70d, and a good lesson in why not to have knee jerk reactions.  Somehow a couple of my standard settings on my camera got messed up, and instead of trying to figure out what happened, I reastored my camera to factory settings.  This is the one photo from that day that doesn't make me cringe.  Isn't Atticus cute in his pajamas?

We had an unseasonably warm day so the kids and I spent a large portion of the morning outside.  Zélie had a blast crawling around and exploring the front yard.


Liliana has been teaching herself to read. Here she is atop the kitchen radiator reading to Atticus. 

While this photo isn't particularly good technically; it captures a rare event.  Ish called out to me, "Hey you need to take a photo of this before I wipe Zélie down!"  As he almost never asks me to take photos in the moment, I wanted to use this one for the day's photo.  Also, Zélie thoroughly enjoyed her enchilada casserole.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Project 365 Week 1

This year I have decided to take on a project 365 for my personal photography.  My small photography business has picked up steam, and I have found myself failing to capture as many photos of my family when I am busy capturing memories for other families.  My hope is that by picking up my camera each day this year I will be able to capture more of those daily life moments.  Despite succumbing to a stomach bug this past week, I still managed to pick up my camera every day.

I feel like this is the perfect photo to start off my project since it captures a moment that is so much a part of family life for us.  My father-in-law makes pizza for his children and grandchildren on Sunday afternoons.  He often asks the grandchildren, "Why do I make you pizza?" and each of them knows the answer from a very young age is, "because you love me."

Happy 3rd birthday, Atticus!  He insisted that he did not want a cake for his birthday dessert, so here is Atticus blowing out his candles stuck into his preferred dessert-- a double stuffed oreo cookie.  

Zélie seems to be able to make objects that she shouldn't be playing with appear out of nowhere.  As I was about to take her photo, she pulled this paper towel out of thin air.

This is Atticus dressed as a human.  He has recently taken to playing dress up a lot, and dressing a a human involves putting a large scarf over his head and topping it with a viking helmet.  Although I captured several photos of him dressed this way, I really enjoy this photo because he looked so satisfied with his ability to imagine and execute his idea for a costume.

Ish is such a capable father and husband.  I am so blessed that he was able to both take care of me and hold down the fort while I succumbed to a stomach bug this week. Here Zélie and Ish share some snuggles.

This sweet girl is all smiles.  She has been teething pretty consistently for awhile and now has six teeth.

Lily's fashion choices give my spirits quite a boost.  She wore her sunglasses and hat for our entire library visit this week. As you can see, she put her hat on before the sunglasses.